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Related to abstract: abstract noun, Abstract class  [ ab´strakt ]1. a short description of a scientific presentation or article. 2. a thought process that is oriented toward the development of an idea without application to, or association with, a particular instance. This type of thinking is independent of time and space. ( ab'strakt ),1. A preparation made by evaporating a fluid extract to a powder and triturating with milk sugar.2. A condensation or summary of a scientific or literary article or address. [L. ab-traho, pp. -tractus, to draw away] [ab′strakt, abstrakt′]Etymology: L, abstrahere, to drag away 1 a condensed summary of a scientific article, literary piece, or address. 2 to collect data such as from a medical record. 3 a preparation containing the soluble principles of a medication concentration mixed with lactose. 4 difficult to understand because of lack of practicality. Informatics A statement summarising the important points of a text; a brief summary or description of the essential content of an article, chapter or other complete work, often written by the author of the work.Research(1) A synopsis of research data that may be presented at scientific meetings and later published in a peer-reviewed journal; abstracts may not be subjected to the same rigorous review as the “lead” articles for the same journal; the purpose of the abstract is to enable the reader to efficiently grasp the essence of the report; the abstract can be very misleading; it is often the only part of the content of an article that will show up in a database.  

(2) A distillation of a presentation at a meeting, congress, conference, symposium, colloquium, seminar, workshop, round table, or other professional gathering.

( ab'strakt )1. A condensation, summary, or brief description

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of a scientific or literary article or the results of a study.2. A preparation made by evaporating a fluid extract to a powder and triturating it with milk sugar.3. (ăb-strakt') To collect information from the medical record for research, billing, or statistical purposes.[L. ab-traho, pp. -tractus, to draw away] ( ab'strakt )1. Preparation made by evaporating a fluid extract to a powder and triturating with milk sugar.2. Condensation or summary of a scientific or literary article or address.[L. ab-traho, pp. -tractus, to draw away]

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Especially take the same ground in regard toabstracttruth, the science of the mind. Miss Miggs remarked, and very justly, as anabstractsentiment which happened to occur to her at the moment, that she dared to say the locksmith and his wife would murmur, and repine, if they were ever, by forcible abduction, or otherwise, to lose their child; but that we seldom knew, in this world, what was best for us: such being our sinful and imperfect natures, that very few arrived at that clear understanding. According to Joshua Reynolds, an effective procedure to discover that great ideal of religious unity is by observing what all major religions have in common, which, Reynolds explained, results in "anabstractidea of their forms more perfect than any one original. While anabstractneeds to stand alone as a coherent piece of work it must also align with and reflect the larger work it represents (Harbourt. Almost all science and medical journals make their articles'abstractsfree to the public, so a bookmark can point to theabstract(access to the full text varies from free to very expensive).

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