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Abstract Submission

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION (deadline: March 15, 2017, 17:59 CET) Abstract submission has been closed.

Notification regarding abstract evaluation results (acceptance for oral or poster presentation, inclusion in the Abstract Book or rejection) will be sent to the first author/presenter by April 28, 2017.

The submission of an abstract does not constitute registration for ICML. Abstract presenters must register to attend the meeting.

As for the last ICML, abstracts on ongoing trials will be accepted if complying with the following conditions:

- already started enrolment,- still possible accrual of new patients.The Ongoing trials session session should not be regarded as an advertisement for new drugs. Trials which are close to completion (i.e. not available for other possible participants) and closed trials will not be considered for presentation.


The submission of an abstract constitutes a formal commitment by the first author/presenter to present the abstract (if accepted) orally or as a poster. The first author for each abstract serves as presenter and primary contact for all correspondence regarding the abstract.

Upon submission of an abstract, the first author/presenter is responsible for the following:

  • ensuring that all authors have read the abstract and agreed to be co-authors;
  • forwarding all correspondence regarding the abstract to all co-authors;
  • releasing abstract copyrights to 14-ICML for inclusion in ICML Abstract Book and its licensee publication(s) with educational purposes;
  • giving permission to record his/her presentation at the 14-ICML Congress for multimedia coverage, release to attendees and licensees for educational purposes;
  • disclosing any actual, potential, or apparent conflict of interest, declaring the name of the company (s)he maintains a “relevant financial relationships”* with. Unless otherwise indicated, it is implied that there are no conflicts of interests pertinent to the abstract;
  • obtaining all the copyright transfer information and conflict-of-interest disclosure from co-authors;
  • certifying that the same abstract has neither been nor will be previously published before the 14-ICML. Updated analyses must substantially differ from previously published manuscripts. Abstracts submitted to large international meetings which are organized in the same period as ICML (May – July) are allowed to be submitted. Examples of international meetings are theAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the European Hematology Association (EHA) .

Furthermore, the first author/presenter certifies that the study will not be presented as such during the 14-ICML at any satellite symposia.

*“Relevant financial relationships” are intended those from which the author or any individual with whom (s)he directly shares income has received or may receive financial benefit within the past 24 months. The relationships to declare are: employment or leadership position in a company – consultant or advisory role - stock ownership – honoraria – research funding – other remuneration.

During the online abstract submission, the following information will be required:

  • First author/presenter complete contact details (first and middle name, surname, department, affiliation, mailing address, city and country, telephone and fax number, e-mail address), for future correspondence and notification on the abstract evaluation outcome;
  • Co-authors’ first and middle name initials, surname, department, affiliation, city and country.
  • Preference of presentation: Oral presentation (including “Focus on...” sessions) or Poster presentation; the final decision on the presentation format will be made by the Local Organizing Committee.
  • Abstract eligibility for session on Ongoing trials (please check “Provisional Scientific program” for conditions).
  • Option of withdrawal of the abstract in case of selection for publication only in the Abstract Book.
  • Application for a travel grant in case the abstract is selected for oral or poster presentation. The applicant must be first author/presenter of the abstract and aged 35 years or younger.
  • Keywords (minimum 1 – maximum 3), to be selected from the list available HERE.
  • Acceptance of abstract submission policy and regulations including first author/presenter responsibilities and in particular:
  • 1) release of copyright and permission to multimedia recording of presentation for educational purposes;
  • 2) disclosure of conflict of interest;
  • 3) no prior publication of the same abstract - no presentation of the same abstract, during the conference, at

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    any satellite symposia.

  • 4) withdrawal policy: abstracts selected for oral or poster presentation must be presented. If the presenting author cannot attend, (s)he should assign a replacement and inform ICML Secretariat ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) of the replacement as soon as possible.

NB: Abstract withdrawal requests received after the deadline (March 15, 17:59 CET) cannot be accepted.


  • Abstracts must not be longer than 2’500 characters (text and table included; title, authors’ list and spaces not included).
  • One data table is permitted in the text of the abstracts. The table counts for 350 characters.
  • One image can be submitted and it’s not included in the character count. Only JPG, GIF or PNG file can be uploaded. The image options must be:
    - Width and Height (in px): 500; Size (in KB): 1000; DPI: 300.
    - The title must not exceed 150 characters (spaces not included).
    - The number of listed co-authors must be limited to twenty-five.
    - First author/presenter name will be underlined. All authors will be listed with first and middle name initials, surname, department, affiliation, city and country.

Please notethat, in order for affiliations to be grouped properly, the exact same information for affiliation, department, city and country fields must be entered.

Abstracts should include the following 4 sections:

  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions (these headers should be in bold and sentence case, as shown here).Compounds should be mentioned with the generic name in lower case. Commercial names may not be used in the title of the abstract. Commercial names are admitted in the text, in brackets and with the ® symbol, following the generic name, i.e. ‘generic (Commercial®)’.

    Names of cooperative study groups should appear in the title, as they can not be included in the authors’ list.

LATE-BREAKING ABSTRACTS (deadline: April 5, 2017, 17:59 CET)
Late-Breaking Abstracts may be submitted for randomised studies only and if data are not available at the time of the abstract submission deadline. A placeholder abstract, indicating the type of data that will be available by the late-breaking abstract deadline, must be submitted online by the regular abstract deadline (March 15, 2017, 17:59 CET). No Late-Breaking Abstract will be considered without the submission of the placeholder abstract.


The information contained in the abstracts (selected for oral or poster presentation or for inclusion in the Online Abstract Book) is embargoed from the submission until the abstracts are available online, i.e. Wednesday, June 07, 2017 at 18:00 CET. Once an abstract has been publicly released by ICML, the embargo lifts on the full abstract data and any additional data that will be presented at the meeting even if not included in the abstract itself.


All selected abstracts will be included in the Online Abstract Book, supplement of Hematological Oncology (Wiley Blackwell), available online as of Wednesday, June 07, 2017, h 18:00 CET. Summaries of the Educational sessions will be included in the Educational Book distributed to attendees on site and also available online.


Based on funding availability, a limited number of travel grants, sponsored by the Swiss Cancer League and possibly by other contributors, will be provided to young investigators (less than or 35 year old), whose abstract has been accepted for oral or poster presentation. The selection will be made on the basis of the abstract evaluation results. The travel grant, meant to defray travel expenses for attending ICML, can be applied for by eligible first authors during the abstract submission.

For the first time and based on funding availability, a “merit award” will be given to the young investigator author of the highest-scoring abstract and selected for a travel grant. The recipient will receive complimentary registration, a monetary support to attend ICML and will be recognized for his/her scientific merit during the conference.

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