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Breast Imaging Service: Faculty Publications

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AU-ID("Abramson, Andrea F." 7101792241) OR AU-ID("Brennan, Sandra B." 36932657700) OR AU-ID("Comstock, Christopher E." 8903111800) OR AU-ID("Comstock, Christopher E." 56016299300) OR AU-ID("D'Alessio, Donna" 55917488600) OR AU-ID("David Dershaw, D." 55664561800) OR AU-ID("Dershaw, D. David" 56271177300) OR AU-ID("Dershaw, David David" 7006218369) OR AU-ID("Feigin, Kimberly N." 14119613600) OR AU-ID("Feigin, Kimberly N." 55901232800) OR AU-ID("Hughes, Mary C." 56179176800) OR AU-ID("Jacobs, Stefanie S."

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56896735400) OR AU-ID("Jochelson, Maxine S." 6603842704) OR AU-ID("Jochelson, Maxine S." 56016308600) OR AU-ID("Kaplan, Jennifer B." 7402737508) OR AU-ID("Keating, Delia M." 7004981187) OR AU-ID("Lebron, Lizza" 36630510600) OR AU-ID("Lebron-Zapata, Lizza" 57188665157) OR AU-ID("Lee, Carol" 7410140891) OR AU-ID("Lee, Carol" 55581736800) OR AU-ID("Morris, Elizabeth A." 55851947208) OR AU-ID("Morris, Elizabeth Anne" 7202980716) OR AU-ID("Morris, Elizabeth A." 57079540300) OR AU-ID("Sung, Janice" 37051299100) OR AU-ID("Sutton, Elizabeth J." 56589605200) OR AU-ID("Sutton, Elizabeth Jane" 21741246000) OR AU-ID("Sutton, Elizabeth J." 56368944200) OR AU-ID("Sutton, Elizabeth J." 57000034700) OR AU-ID("Mango, Victoria L." 56444455800) AND (AF-ID("Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center" 60009343) OR AF-ID("Gerstner Sloan-Kettering Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences" 60009656))

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