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A school admission Cover letter is written when a student applies for admission in a new school to complete his schooling. A school admission letter is much like a job resume cover letter in which applicants try to advertise themselves as the right candidate for the vacant post, but unlike jobs in a school admission letter students try to capitalize their potentiality for being the right entrant in the school.

A school admission cover letter must be written appropriately as admission in the school will depend on the proper drafting of the letter to the admission department of the school. Students must take necessary precautions while constructing such letter and if they have no experience in writing such type of letters, it is recommended that an elder member of their family like their parents or elder brother/sister should frame the letter for them.

Whosoever is writing the school admission letter, it is important that they follow the contemporary letter writing rules and regulations that encompass it. Without appropriate following and adopting of the current letter writing guidelines, the school admission letter of a student will fall back in the competition where others will submit properly designed admission letters during the admission. Below mentioned are some tips and guidelines which students must follow for constructing a high end admission letter for school admission purpose.

Guidelines for writing school admission cover letter

  • For writing a better school admission letter one must first look at the samples and examples provided online. This will make students familiar about the technicalities involved in writing better admission letters.
  • Choosing the appropriate format is important for making the letter crisp and appropriate. Format is the most important part of the letter that helps in the organised presentation of the letter. Students can choose a format from the samples available online.
  • The letter must be written using a sober and formal tone. It should sound respectful as it will be addressing the most influential people in the academy.
  • Students must give details about their previous academic records. Details of academics, performance in sports and arts will surely be beneficial. One must ensure that they provide legitimate details as there will be crosschecking afterwards.
  • Students should capitalize on their capabilities

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    and talents as readers will surely put more emphasis on the quality of the student.

  • The letter must be written briefly and should contain details related to admissions only.
  • Writers must sign the letter at the end.
  • Proofreading before drafting the letter is important.

By following the above guidelines one can surely write a proper school admission cover letter. Below is a sample of admission cover letter that students can take reference from before writing their own letter. The letter contains fictitious details and writers can use the format to write their own letter.

Sample school admission letter

Milton C. Harrell 3694 Five Points Salisbury, MD 21875

Telephone: 49594 99392

Date: 02/19/2012

John L. Chambless Admissions Department Christy International High School 689 Badger Pond Lane

Saint Petersburg, FL 33710

Dear Mr. Chambless

I am writing this letter in order to bring to your knowledge that I wish to apply for admission at the 10th grade of your academy this year. I am therefore sending you this application along with copies of my 9th grade report card for your review.

I have completed my junior school and middle school successfully from Pushkin International High School and am now looking forward to join your school to successfully complete my high school education. I am extremely talented in the field of academics, sports, arts, theatre, and music. I have been among the top ten highest scorers since junior school. I am also excellently skilled in athletics and have a good hold in playing basket ball, football, and baseball. I have received several accolades and medals while in junior high in the field of arts and music and possess sound character and behaviour with good socialising as well as organisation skills.

I am looking forward to this opportunity to be a part of Christy International High School and am hoping that my application will be reviewed appropriately. Thanking you for having spared the time to consider my letter.

Yours sincerely

Milton C. Harrell


We hope that the above sample school admission letter and the tips for writing one will surely go a long way in helping those students who have difficulty framing such letters. Also, you can review Cold Contact Cover Letter and College Admission Cover Letter for more examples of letters.

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