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DNP Scholarly Projects

The FREE listing of DNP scholarly projects is available for your download. We now archive complete projects – not just the abstract. To participate in DNP Studies and Surveys, click here. Posting abstracts and background information is voluntary. This should not be considered a “publication” of professional work. It is a shared venue for networking and growth of the DNP degree. Please click the author’s name to communicate via email. TRANSFORMATIONALISTS: Duke University DNP Students have made a commitment to change – a topic that affects us all.

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Capstone Projects

Kindermusik For more than 35 years, Kindermusik has been figuring out how to provide the best possible music education programs for children and families. Over that time, the company has grown to have a presence in over 70 countries around the world. Kindermusik is committed to creating the best early childhood music programs in the world. (About, www. kindermusik. com) UNCG’s consulting team was tasked to evaluate the legal and financial feasibility of a hybrid franchise/licence model; and to offer recommendations for implementing a franchise option without negatively impacting the current license model.

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