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Harvesting The Sun Harvesting The Sun(1825 KB)

The performance potential of the fully integrated Solar Garden Roof. Green Roofs can be combined with PV in multiple ways and it is always a double benefits for payback and environment

Sun-Root™ System Brochure Sun-Root™ System Brochure(1468 KB)

Sun-Root™ System Brochure - The latest achievement in intengrated sustainable Green Roof technology.

Solar Garden Roof Study - Sun-Root™ Solar Garden Roof Study - Sun-Root™(2524 KB)

One of the most recent introductions to this market is one that offers perhaps the most integrated approach to addressing multiple urban, environmental, and alternative energy concerns: the Solar Garden Roof system, which integrates solar panel technology with an extensive green roof solution – offering all of the benefits of both alternative technologies.

Mineral Wool Mineral Wool(565 KB)

Mineral Wool (Stone Wool, Rock Wool, Glass Wool) on Green Roofs - Chance or Challenge

Irrigation and Extensive Green Roofs Irrigation and Extensive Green Roofs(513 KB)

The main purpose of an extensive green roof is stormwater retention and delaying stormwater runoff amongst many other added values. Irrigation for extensive Green Roof?

Fire and Wind on Extensive Green Roofs Fire and Wind on Extensive Green Roofs(482 KB)

“Extensive green roofs increase the fire hazard of our buildings and a green roof is a potential risk under windy conditions.” Are these statements true?

Where Beetles are Crawling and Honeybees are Humming Where Beetles are Crawling and Honeybees are Humming(702 KB)

The terms “extensive” and “intensive green roofs” are based on the plants these systems support and the degree of maintenance they require. Depending on plant species and varieties used, green roofs can also support a diversity of fauna.

ASLA 2013 Solar Garden Roof Presentation ASLA 2013 Solar Garden Roof

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Presentation(470 KB)

Discover a new system in which solar panels are integrated into an extensive green roof with living plants. Energy output is increased through plant evapo-transpiration and the green roof also acts as ballast for the solar panels, negating the need to penetrate the roof membrane.

Lancaster School District Report Card Lancaster School District Report Card(1537 KB)

Neglect of maintenance duties, coupled with key structural deficiencies, has led to a deterioration of the general health of the ecosystem.

Brewers Hill Natty Boh Modular Systems Brewers Hill Natty Boh Modular Systems(1470 KB)

Brewer's Hill Natty Boh project was one of the first green roofs in the Baltimore area with plastic containers, planters or so called modular green roof system.

Not All Green Roofs Are Green Not All Green Roofs Are Green(207 KB)

At this early stage of the American green roof industry, "Lessons learned" can be critical for future projects.

The Podium Case Study The Podium Case Study(2445 KB)

The Podium Roof Garden in Torronto, Canada acts as a sample of a green roof designed and constructed in a mistaken fashion.

Modern Green Roof Technology Modern Green Roof Technology(8008 KB)

Green roofs can replicate open space conditions during storm events. The effectiveness depends on the thickness of the system – especially the thickness and properties of the green roof growing media. Shallow green roofs (below 4 inch depth) will be effective in controlling small rainfall events, while deep assemblies may be required to control large storms.

Introduction to the German FLL 2004 Introduction to the German FLL 2004(105 KB)

As the development of the North American green roof market picks up speed, more and more people are designing, specifying, installing, maintaining and evaluating green roofs. Unlike in Germany, where green roofs are highly standardized already, most projects in the United States are custom made solutions.

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