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Does the army accept high school diploma from Britain academy in thomasville nc

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Answer 1:  Yes, if you have received a legitimate high school diploma or GED, universities will accept it as part of your application. Of course, you will have to meet any ot … +3others found this useful

Answer 1:  Police departments are local, and so each one will have its own employment standards and requirements.  However, most police departments, if they'll accept only a … 2 people found this useful

Because it has no available address for the Better Business Bureau to check, out could mean that it is situated outside the US and not verifiable. It lists the Capital Network … +38others found this useful

American Worldwide Academy has several programs that they carry for their students. They have career preparatory programs as well as college preparatory programs. They also ca … 11 people found this useful

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Adison High School claims accreditation by the International Accreditation Committee of Online Schools (IACOOS), whose address in Washington state happens to be be same as tha … +17others found this useful

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Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School is not an accredited school, it does not meet government standards and the diploma will not be accepted by any state colleges, uni … 3 people found this useful

Yes they would accept it.5 people

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Ellenwood Academy is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission International (ACI). ACI is a non-governmental accrediting body therefore in many cases it may not be… 16 people found this useful

Yeah they are accredited through the Nation Home School Accreditation of America (NHSAA). The NHSAA is one of the largest organizations that accredits home schools ad private… +27others found this useful

Yes, you can join the Army with a diploma from EHS. You will also need to score at least a 31 on your ASVAB exam. Excel High School is Regionally Accredited by AdvancED, North … 3 people found this useful

While the diploma of American Academy High School online may be real, it's claim to accreditation is not. The accreditation it says it has are the EAA and NAA, both of which a … 14 people found this useful

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Chaffey College is a two-year public community college, they do accept high school diploma issued by an accredited high school. Chaffey College has a mandatory assessment test … 2 people found this useful

They are a scam! Don't listen to the lies they tell you no one accepts this fake diploma. Please anyone who did this program answer me back. So we can bring them down and get… 2 people found this useful

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