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Family ties in fences essays

            Family Ties in Fences             A Character Analysis of Troy Maxson and his relationships with Rose and Cory.                                       In August Wilson's play Fences, he relives the trials of an African American family in the 1950s during segregation. Troy Maxson, the main character, and his family go through hell, but still manage to survive living in an ancient two-story brick house set off a small alley in a big-city neighborhood. The central focus of the play is on Troy and the conflicts involved with the relationships that he has with other characters in the play. Troy is angry and bitter over his failures and his position in life. His frustration with life stems from his history with an emotionally and physically abusive father and the daily battle with racism that has kept him in a stagnant position in life and away from his dreams and aspirations. Though Troy has managed to support his family for many years, his meager progress at work and his past disappointments are strong issues that have been gnawing away at his spirit and eventually led

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to the demise of the relationship between him and his family.              Troy was one of eleven siblings who were raised solely by their sharecropper father. The children grew up mainly without a mother because Troy claimed that his father was so wicked that no woman would stay with him for too long. Troy was abused physically and emotionally and decided to leave home early and make it on his own. Though this was very difficult and traumatic, Troy believed that his father's abuse made him a man and he appreciated the sense of responsibility that he passed on to him. Troy unintentionally inherited his father's ways and demonstrates them to his family. He tries to raise his son perfectly, but doesn't realize that although he means well, he is only hurting his son.

             Troy is a former star who played baseball in the Negro Leagues. However, by the time the Major Leagues were accepting black players, he was already too old to ...

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