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What are some tips for writing a National Junior Honor Society Essay?

Quick disclaimer: I myself didn't even try to enter NJHS, although I had the grades for it. That being said, I did help my friends write their essays, and the ones I helped got in. I'm magic.I think you mean the admissions essay. If not, these things will still be more or less true.First off, if you know the teacher who will be reading the essays, write with them in mind. Are they the algebra teacher who have a great passion for their subject? Casually mention that your favorite subject is algebra (if it's not a blatant lie, of course). Second, if it is at all possible, type the essay up and run it off. I doubt it's a requirement, but it'll be an extra little, "Hey, lookie, I'll go the extra mile to make my stuff look professional." It'll also make editing less of a hassle.Make sure all your grammar and spelling is as close to flawless as possible. One or two will probably slip under your nose, but one or two is better than ten or twenty. In fact, I'd probably worry about grammar and spelling more than content at the editing phase.

Do my priorities seem a little off in the last tip? I have a simple explanation, and it's that your advisor won't be reading every last essay closely. In fact, your essay will probably get less scrutiny if it looks clean and professional - is typed, minimal mistakes, etc. - meaning that your essay could be pretty much anything and you'd be fine.

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I've submitted this before: If you have a "Gee, I think it'd be fun to write and get paid for it" attitude it's a recipe for failure.

Have you read anything fiercely provocative? Can you write it better? Why do you want to earn a living as an artist? Money? Babes? Fame? Party thrills? Esteem? Power? It's great to fill your life with all the good things but personal advantage has to be no more than 5% of your motive to earn your living imparting the art you've conceived. The other 95% of your motive has to be your utter desperation to escape the pounding agony of imprisoning your artistic conception within you. Your

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conception has to have gestated into a snarling, shrieking monster in your gut that's fiercely slashing your organs into offal every moment you prohibit its escape. You live as an artist dispelling the monster or the conception monster shreds your guts and kills you. Escaping death has to be your primary motive for being an artist [writing, in your case]. Irrespective of the marketability of your creativity, you're a success if you've rescued yourself from your vicious monster. Sustaining [living] an honest, passionate dynamic of self-rescue necessitates an ever-increasing improvement of the quality of your skills. The ferocity of your monster grows in exact proportion to your mastery of your art. You'll allow yourself the proper measure of pride, confidence and general happiness once you're certain you've become an increasingly competent, consistent self-rescuer. With enough money [from wherever] to buy away external pressures you can become a happy artist successfully defeating your internal monster. Don't believe the myth of the 'poverty-stricken, struggling artist' being the most productive. Successful at monster-killing, 'happy' artists are the best artists. Happiness is your tool you must use to launch yourself into exultant eagerness to bestow the most lasting, profound benefit to others. If you successfully direct your art to achieving the greatest benefit to humanity you're a great artist!

For your NJHS essay, you need to include how you show leadership,character,citizenship,how you are of service, and why you want to be involved in the NJHS. When I wrote mine, I had a problem of what to put, so I'll help you with each requirement. For leadership, you can include how you don't follow other people's bad influences, how you are a leader of things you participate in, such as school. For character, you should include how you are honest, respectful, and how have courtesy. For citizenship, it's basically what it says; how you are a good citizen. For service, you can write how you help your community, if you participate in fundraisers, anything helpful you do voluntarily. Remember, the NJHS is about helping out, so write why you would like to help out and you can put how you would like to increase your leadership skills and be of more service.

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