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Hoping for some new featuresLove how detailed the app is! I will buy the pro version but paying it EVERY YEAR? Can we just have the pro version app to buy once. One more thing... on the calender showing the whole month... if there is an event/hw, I would like to have colorized boxes or something instead of a weird looking circle that's touching the date. Thanks developers Great for HomeworkThe app is great for keeping track of my homework. However it does have issues. There is no way for me to enter my actual schedule in. My school has 8 classes on Mondays (1A-4B) and 4 on the other days (1A-4A, 1B-4B, 1A-4A, 1B-4B). The app only allows you to select one number of classes for the whole week. I get around this by selecting two blocks per non-Monday class (1A is 1 and 2, 2A is 3 and 4, etc). almost perfectVery helpful overall! It's nice to be able to have a separate app that keeps track of school assignments and class times. The only thing that I would change is to have an option to manually input class times. For example, my clinical schedule is pretty sporadic and is different from week to week. If that were added then this app would be perfect for me!

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You can enter a one time event from the calendar for sporadic itemsSimple OrganizerSuper simple and easy design. The widget helps me remember to do things without even having to have notifications on. Could be a little smoother in checking things off from the widget though. Cleaning that up will get it five stars. UPDATE: I discovered their website and that has awarded it a fifth star! Sync between your phone and computer. Inputting on the computer is incredibly easy and intuitive. Excellent app. Great for UniversityI am a master's student and I find this app brilliant to organise tasks and activities that we are given to do each week

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in different classes. Otherwise, I'd find it difficult to know what is due and when. It could improve on updating its university list and allowing us to choose a specific page to launch on app opening. PRO version is a little expensive and I would say at £1.99 you have yourself a deal. This is amazing!This app is so unbelievably useful, it's crazy. I use it all the time. The only problem I'd say I see with it is that it can't sync with Edmodo, Google Classroom, or my calendar(which Edmodo/GC can sync to). Developers, I can understand if there are problems with having the app sync w/ Edmodo or GC, but I believe you can easily have it sync to my calander(where my homework shows up from other apps). If you can make this or something like it happen, that would be awesome. I still love the app anyway though! POOR UNUSABLE APP!!!Do NOT get this app. Every time a new semester starts I can't add times to my classes. Cust Serv doesn't seem to have a clue what is wrong. You will waste HOURS of time emailing them to try to get the app to work right IF they can get it to work. Anyone know a WORKING homework app I should use? So insanely helpful! I don't know how I survived without it. It works on my phone and my laptop so I always know what I need to do next, where I need to be, and what assignments are coming up. I'm a college kid after all, and sometimes, I get too lazy to find my planner and look through it and start being productive but I always have my phone or laptop and the fact that I put in all of my assignments and classes when I'm feeling motivated, makes me actually want to do homework and stay on task. Please give it a try if you trouble staying on task or remembering all of your obligations

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