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Math Expressions

Math Expressions Math Expressions

Your child will be receiving a hard covered book that will remain in school.  The entire book is available online.  Click the purple book below to view/print pages for review or practice. 


Once on the page:

You can click thebook iconat the top to select the Unit and Lesson we are on.  This enables you to view/print the pages we completed in class.

FORGOT YOUR HOMEWORK??click here homework and remembering .  You can view/print the page of the lesson we are on.

Thechain link iconalso has aneGlossarywhich can be a helpful tool if you need definitions for explaining something to your child at home. 

Below is a quick page directory of the parent letters.  These letters are written at the beginning of a unit to explain to

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you what the concept is your child will be learning.  When you view the online pages to go directly to this page look at the bottom right corner of the screen and type in page number to view the parent letter you are interested in.

      UNIT 1 Multiply by 5                                               Pages 1-2

                 Multiplication and Arrays                              Pages 11-12

      UNIT 2 Multiply by 6                                               Page 89

      UNIT 3 Customary Units of Measure                         Page 157

                  Tell Time                                                   Page 177

                 Read & Create Pictographs/Bar Graphs         Page 191

      UNIT 4 Making Place Value Drawings                       Pages 213-214

      UNIT 5 Addition and Subtraction Situations              Page 257

      UNIT 6 Triangles                                                    Page 295

                  Perimeter and Area                                    Page 315

      UNIT 7 Understanding Fractions                              Page 347

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