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International Business Personal Statement

Ever since I remember I was very keen on geography and different countries always fascinated me. I always wanted to work in international spheres where I can see how different cultures combined together can work as one team. One of my biggest interests is languages. I have studied English since my childhood, and I started to learn German six years ago. I attended many after school language classes to improve my language level. An interest in a business related subjects has appeared as I began to study at school specialized for math and physics. Studying math and physics at a higher level has broadened my knowledge in different areas. By learning physics, I have better understood the basic principles of the world around us, and solving math problems has taught me to be determined and persevered when I want to reach my goals. In math class it was to solve the problem, in a real life it is to achieve any goal by working hard and not giving up. Those were the theoretical studies I have completed, but the reason why I want to study international business is to put the theoretical knowledge into the practice, and become aware of daily life of business world.

A life changing lesson for me was a year spent in United States as an exchange student. This experience has taught me a lot about myself. I learned how to exist in an unfamiliar environment where I had to rely on myself and cope with difficulties on my own. I also experienced a rather different school system from what I was used to. Coming from a school where I was with the same classmates for six years to a new, bigger, and much more culturally diverse school where I had met new people every day. This helped me to develop my socializing skills and

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because of such a cultural diversity, I had an opportunity to come across a variety of points of view, which have influenced me in many ways.

In United States I was a member of a cross country ski team. This was a very physically demanding sport and I was in a position of a beginner next to the people who have done this sport for a several years. Because of this I learned to set goals which I am capable of fulfilling. For example in a race my goal was not to win, but to finish the race. It helped me to learn that I cannot give up no matter how hard the task at the moment seems to be. Reaching the finish line has always given me a feeling of success and satisfaction.

I have studied German for six years, and I have spent a summer in Germany at a summer language course. The course I am applying for interests me also because of an integrated year on a partner institution in Germany. I think that next to the greater understanding of business, this is a great opportunity to improve my language skills and hopefully become fluent.

My inspiration for studying international business was also a visit of a European parliament in Brussels a year ago where I had a chance to see how the parliament works and talk to Slovak members of this parliament. As I read in newspaper and heard from the members themselves, it is hard to find Slovak employees sufficiently qualified for this work and I believe that with studying international business, one day I could represent people in my country by being on one of the positions in European Parliament.

I feel that studying at a University in United Kingdom will give me a best chance to prepare myself for future work in international business spheres.

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