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What Is Linear Multimedia? |

Modern multimedia is a huge part of nearly everyone's daily life. While the term multimedia is typically thought of as only covering things such as movies or video games, it is also a powerful tool that can be used by businesses and organizations to display a wide range of content to employees or group members. What Is Linear Multimedia?The word "Multimedia" was first coined by Andy Warhol in 1965 in reference to his music, video, and art presentation show titled the "Exploding Plastic Inevitable. " Multimedia later came to mean business presentations or slide shows and eventually morphed into its modern interpretation of any presentation that combines different elements such as text, video, and sound.

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Super Bowl bound! Panthers win NFC title

The Carolina Panthers have the Halas Trophy, presented to them Sunday as the NFC champions. Now they’ll go after the Lombardi Trophy, which goes to the Super Bowl champion. Carolina beat the Arizona Cardinals 49-15 at Bank of America Stadium, and these Panthers joined the 2003 group as the second team in franchise history to advance to the Super Bowl. In Santa Clara, Calif. , the Panthers will face the Denver Broncos, 20-18 winners over New England in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game. Kickoff is at 6:30 p. m. on Feb. 7. Sunday’s crowd of 74,294 never had to break a sweat on a cold but dry evening.

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How to Summarize Presentations

Home > How To Present>  How to Summarize Does your audience seem lost during your long presentation? You can see this happening when you ask them to recall a point and they look blank. Do they find it difficult to put your information in context? Chances are you may not be summarizing your points frequently enough. We will see how you can summarize your presentation effectively to enhance audience retention. Let’s start by asking a simple question: When should you summarize your presentation? Did I hear you saying, “Towards the end”? Wrong! You would’ve lost your audience by then.

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Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema Clinical Presentation: History, Physical Examination

Komiya K, Ishii H, Murakami J, et al. Comparison of chest computed tomography features in the acute phase of cardiogenic pulmonary edema and acute respiratory distress syndrome on arrival at the emergency department. J Thorac Imaging. 2013 Sep. 28(5):322-8. [Medline]. Ray P, Arthaud M, Birolleau S, et al. Comparison of brain natriuretic peptide and probrain natriuretic peptide in the diagnosis of cardiogenic pulmonary edema in patients aged 65 and older. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2005 Apr. 53(4):643-8. [Medline]. Pfisterer M, Buser P, Rickli H, et al.

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Aurora 3D Presentation 2012

http://www. presentation-3d. com/ When you want your audience to truly be interested in your material, you don’t try to get your message across in mere words! You use snappy graphics, and charts, and images! But instead of juggling a smorgasbord of presentation applications for different uses, why not just consolidate all of your 3D interactive presentation magic-making into Aurora 3D Presentation? Aurora 3D Presentation gives you access to powerful techniques that you can harness to develop impressive, professional, and effective presentations in a number of formats! With Aurora 3D Presentation, you’ll be able to produce solutions that incorporate images, text, video, and data in a way that will capture the attention of your audience.

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VM Storage Presentation Methods

Joe Grant, Principal Architect There are several different ways to present storage to a VM, with different pros and cons for each type available. Simply choosing the presentation method that supplies the fastest storage is not always the best choice. You will want to weigh performance with manageability and other features such as NetApp’s Snap Shot technologies. In general, House of Brick recommends using VMDKs whenever possible, however additional tooling at the SAN and/or network layers may influence the final decision for how storage is presented for a specific VM.

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Viridian Memphis Ranked on the MBJ List of Top Environmental Consulting Firms Viridian Memphis has landed at #13 on the Memphis Business Journal’s list of Top Environmental Consulting Firms in Memphis. This list combines a variety of types of consulting services in the area. MBJ subscribers can view the list, here. Northwest Arkansas Office Adds Three Bryan Yates, Clay Spicer, and Ethan Six have all joined the NWA Viridian office. Bryan has over twenty years of experience in the sustainability field. He is a LEED Accredited Professional in Building Design and Construction and a Certified Commissioning Agent.

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Presenting Your LayOut Document

If, like most people, you feel jittery about giving a presentation and public speaking in general, hopefully, LayOut’s simple-to-use, interactive presentation features can help to put you at ease. To access LayOut’s presentation features, select View > Start Presentation or click the Start Presentation tool () on the default toolbar. Your document becomes full screen, and you have access to the following presentation features: Navigate among the pages in your presentation. You can use the arrow keys or your mouse to navigate among the pages. See the following table for details.

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How Forensic Evidence is Presented to a Jury

By: Jack Claridge - Updated: 21 Aug 2015 | *DiscussDuring the course of a trial a jury must be able to understand and appreciate the complexities of both the crime and the methods used in solving the crime and also the scientific procedures used in aiding with the crime's resolution. What is an Expert Witness?An expert witness is an individual who will be called upon by either the defence or the prosecution in order to give testimony to the jury that will be both informative and easily digestible. This expert witness will normally be a professor or doctor or a leading figure in their chosen field.

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Military Funerals: Honoring the Honorable

Experiencing the death of a loved one is something that we all must face during our lifetimes. If you have ever attended a military funeral, you know that they stir up emotions deep inside your soul. Every American knows those hallowed notes of Taps as they echo into the future and conjure up memories of the past. Preparing for a military funeral demands detailed information and specific steps to be taken. Those military members on active duty or in the Selected Reserve and former military members who served on active duty and received an honorable discharge qualify for military honors at their funeral.

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