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Owner Controlled Insurance Programs as a Tool of Construction Risk Management

ASC Proceedings of the 40th Annual Conference Brigham Young University - Provo, Utah April 8 - 10, 2004         Owner Controlled Insurance Programs as a Tool of Construction Risk Management Brandon Blankenship and Gouranga C. Banik School of Architecture, Civil Engineering Technology and Construction Southern Polytechnic State University In the increasingly competitive construction marketplace Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) are becoming more common.   Once used primarily by owners on a single site project, they are now being used to bring multiple sites together under a single insurance package.

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Practical Predictive Analytics

1. © 2013 Impact Analytix, LLCPractical Predictive AnalyticsJen UnderwoodFounder & Principal ConsultantImpact Analytix, LLCjen@impactanalytix. comwww. impactanalytix. com 2. © 2013 Impact Analytix, LLCAbout the SpeakerImpact Analytix, LLC is a boutique BI andpredictive analytics consulting firm that valuesprojects that truly make a differenceJen Underwood, Founder & Principal Consultant• ~20 years of business intelligence industry experience• Former Global Microsoft BI and Analytics Technical ProductManager and seasoned BI implementer• Passionate technology evangelist and volunteer, TDWI, PASS,SharePoint Conference, and Microsoft TechEd• Bachelor of Business Administration degreeUniversity of Wisconsin MilwaukeePost Graduate Certificate Computer Science - Data MiningUniversity of California, San Diego 3.

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Drugs and Alcohol teaching resources

Students can be tempted by the things they’re not allowed, particularly alcohol and drugs. Try these lesson plans and classroom activities to explain the law on and how to stay safe with legal and illegal substances. Drug awarenessDrug quizDiseases, laws and drug types are covered in this plenary activity that tests students’ knowledge. Drugs: Types and effectsLet students discover the facts themselves – this research task should make them think twice before taking illegal drugs. Drug startersThis quiz, match-up activity and anagrams will ensure students don’t forget the effects of and laws on drugs.

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Sharing Prezis | Prezi Support

Now that you’ve created your amazing prezi, it’s time to share it with a friend, colleague, or even the world. Watch the video to learn how you can share your prezi. Enjoy, Edu Enjoy, Pro, Edu Pro, and Pro Plus license holders can share their prezis by specifically adding an editor or viewer or allow others to only view their hidden prezis by sharing their prezi’s link. Please note that you can only add someone as an editor or viewer if that person has a Prezi account. The choices you see when it comes to making your prezi available for reuse depend on which Prezi license you have.

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Software-Defined Networking SDN - A Brief Introduction

1. Software-Defined NetworkCompare Virtualization of Computing and Networking Presenter: Jason, Tsung-Cheng, HOU Advisor: Wanjiun Liao Mar. 8th, 2012 1 2. Motivation• Now emerging: – SDN: Software-Defined Network – Generalized network virtualization – ONS: Open Networking Summit • A lot of sponsors and Nicira – ONF: Open Networking Foundation • Bearing OpenFlow standard and beyond – A New Net, Technology Review – Commercialized products for data centers and production network 2 3. Motivation• What’s the essence of virtualization? – In the context of cloud computing• Compare virtualization of: – Computing: already widely adopted – Networking: has just begun – What are the differences?• A glance at current researches around this main concept (SDN).

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How to Develop Good CRM Strategy – Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the term used to refer the methodologies; internet capabilities as well as software which help a business handle the relationships of customers in an effective and organized way. For instance, a business may create a database that would define their customers’ relationships for it to determine the services and products that are mostly needed by their customers. CRM involves set of activities in which customer’s information are collected, stored, and processed. There are different strategies used to implement CRM.

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10 Tips for Giving Great Online Presentations

You're in charge of a big project that requires the support of lots of people. It would be easy to engage and inspire them if they were all in your office, but as often happens today, they're spread out around the country. So instead of connecting with each person individually, you decide to set up an online presentation so everyone can hear the same details at the same time in a collaborative manner. You'll want to make this an effective, efficient process and get it right the first time, so here's a little primer for delivering an effective online presentation.

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Insurance 101

1. Insurance 101 Eric Krock 2. Legal DisclaimerEric Krock does not have any financial expertise, certifications, orqualifications. He does not guarantee the accuracy, currency, orcompleteness of this presentation or make any warranty, expressor implied, or assume any legal liability or responsibility for theaccuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information or itssuitability for any purpose whatsoever. This presentation isprovided as-is for informational purposes only, is general in nature,is not intended to be a substitute for qualified financial, tax, or legaladvice.

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Business Process Improvement

1. Business Process Improvement Management Tools & Techniques Anand Subramaniam 2. “What gets measured, gets done. " - Tom Peters 3. Highlights Process & System Business Process Improvement (BPI) Tools & Techniques Measures & Metrics Process Maturity 4. Process & System 5. What is a Process? A series of activities or steps to obtain a desired outcome It involves Manpower, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement and Environment Every process has Inputs, Process (Sequence of steps), Outputs and Cycle Times 6. System Data Money People Knowledge Policies Mandates Standards Time Regulations Procedures Technology Methodology Facilities Tacit Knowledge Test Scores Data System Lower Costs Deliverables 7.

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End User Security Awareness Presentation

1. End User Security Awareness 2. Session Prerequisites Hands-on experience with Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP Knowledge of Windows system security concepts and practices Some understanding of training methodology Level 100 3. Session Overview Introduction to End User Security Awareness End User Security Awareness Challenges Understanding End User Security Awareness Developing End User Security Awareness Initiatives Using Security Awareness Materials and Resources Best Practices Summary 4. Introduction to End User Security Awareness The Why, What, and How of Security Awareness Why implement a security awareness campaign? Communicate policy to the user community and encourage compliance Mitigate the Security versus Usability equation Defend against social engineering threat components User awareness enhances the overall security profile What do we want to accomplish by making users aware of security? Encourage safe usage habits and discourage unsafe behavior Change user perceptions of information security Inform users about how to recognize and react to potential threats Educate users about information security techniques they can use How do we get the desired results? Build interest Educate Communicate Repeat 5.

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