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Around a third of children in the UK qualify for free school meals during term-time, but poorer families are increasingly struggling to feed them during holidays say teachers

National Union of Teachers (NUT) agree to take industrial action in challenge over schools budget shortages

The Shadow Chancellor receives a standing ovation after he becomes the first politician to speak at the annual Nut conference in 15 years 

Teachers report problems including casual racism, lack of role models for BME children, and being forced to deal with ‘microaggressions’ from other staff

Children as young as four are suffering from mental health problems, teachers warn

Cuts to support staff following a squeeze on school spending are leaving teachers increasingly vulnerable, union leaders warn 

One teacher reported 'explicit photos' circulated by pupils had resulted in a police intervention, after they ended up online

Teachers express frustration at pupils refusing to accept some stories found on social networks are false, as experts call for better education on online dangers

Some of the new schools are to be sponsored by grammar school trusts, a move union leaders say is 'indefensible'

Schools with higher numbers of disadvantaged pupils more likely to report cuts to staff as a result of budget shortages, social mobility charity The Sutton Trust warns

'There’s certainly an improvement that needs to be made,' Helen Porter of the Association of Teachers

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and Lecturers tells The Independent

Academy school leaders have come under fire for taking home 'obscene' salaries of up to £430,000 last year - more than double that of the Prime Minister

Transgender pupils report being refused admission by schools or made to feel ‘anxious’ and ‘unsupported’ in the classroom

The majority of local authorities were not able to provide data, leading investigators to suggest the true number of injuries could be much higher

Exclusive: Local authorities report issuing thousands more fines to parents of absent children over past 12 months

Almost 20,000 parents faced court action for allowing their child to miss school during 2015, an increase of more than a fifth on the previous academic year

'Failure to use gender-sensitive language will impact your mark,' according to a document from the Religious Activism course

School leaders said cuts had forced them to up the numbers

The number of pupils with additional educational needs or disabilities attending specialist schools has risen substantially in the past four years, putting cash-strapped local councils under increasing pressure, LGA warns

Students believe the Wills Memorial Tower serves as a 'glorification' of a man who financed the university 'with slave-profited money'

English students 'pay 25 times more' than their French peers

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