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Publications - See the list of various IEEE publications related to big data and analytics here. Call for Papers - Check out the many opportunities to submit your own paper. This is a great way to get published, and to share your research in a leading IEEE magazine! IEEE Talks Big Data - Check out our new Q&A article series with big Data experts! Search IEEEXplorefor articles on Big Data Call for Blog Writers! IEEE Cloud Computing Community is a key platform for researchers, academicians and industry practitioners to share and exchange ideas regarding cloud computing technologies and services, as well as identify the emerging trends and research topics that are defining the future direction of cloud computing.

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Entrepreneurs Who Turned Hobbies into Million-Dollar Businesses

Kim Lavine started making microwavable pillows as gifts for her kids’ teachers in 2001, assembling them at her kitchen table in Grand Haven, Mich. , using a corn kernel filling. Around the same time, her husband lost his job, prompting her to consider turning her pastime into a source of income. She went from selling pillows out of her truck to setting up mall kiosks and incorporating her company, Green Daisy, in 2002. Within two years, Lavine’s Wuvit pillow was in national chains, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond, and by 2006, it generated more than $1 million in sales.

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How the Military Deals With Adultery

If you're legally separated and begin dating while in the military, can you get in trouble for adultery? This is a common question for people in uniform because the legal process of divorcing can take months or even years, and the answer is complicated. Given the ambiguity of the terms laid out by the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), there is always be the potential for criminal liability and the only 100 percent safe course of action is to wait until a court has granted you a divorce before undertaking a sexual relationship. The military’s prohibition on adultery is stated in Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice which makes adultery a crime when legal criteria, known as “elements,” have all b een met.

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IaaS, SaaS, PaaS | Cloud Tech

By James Bourne, 13 April 2017, 0 comments. Categories: Data Centres, Infrastructure, Research, Vendors. By Olly Presland, 13 April 2017, 0 comments. Categories: CIO, Hybrid, Infrastructure. By Alex Bennett, 12 April 2017, 0 comments. Categories: Amazon, Architecture, Developers, Microsoft. By Melodye Mueller, 12 April 2017, 0 comments. Categories: Compliance, Data & Analytics, Data Management, Security. By Rick Delgado, 11 April 2017, 0 comments. Categories: Big Data, Data & Analytics. By James Bourne, 11 April 2017, 2 comments. Categories: Consumer, Data & Analytics, Security, Vulnerabilities.

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FBI Department of Defense Ransomware

The 'FBI Department of Defense' Ransomware Trojan is a dangerous malware infection that criminals use to steal money from inexperienced computer users. The 'FBI Department of Defense' Ransomware belongs to the Urausy family of malware and is a well known scam. Typically, the 'FBI Department of Defense' Ransomware is distributed using social engineering and other types of malware. In most cases, the 'FBI Department of Defense' Ransomware infects a computer with the help of an exploit kit located on an attack website.

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Article: Executive Dashboards not Just for Executives – 4 Tips for a Successful Dashboard Project

Imagine it’s morning and you’re settling into a fresh day at the office. You open your web browser and see graphical representations of key metrics your management team has been tracking as tactical measures for achieving this quarter’s objectives. Inside your web browser is a dashboard – graphs, charts, and reports that represent precisely the data that is relevant to you and your role. By the way, your Vice President of Sales has a dashboard too, except their dashboard represents critical data representing the measures required for them to be most effective in their role – sales by territory, sales by customer, sales by rep, and so on.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis - National Library of Medicine - PubMed Health

Antimalarials have been used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) for several decades. This review found four trials, with 300 patients receiving hydrochloroquine and 292 receiving placebo. A benefit was observed in the patients taking hydroxychloroquine compared to placebo. There was no difference between the two groups in terms of those who had to withdraw from trials due to side effects. Patient education shows short‐term benefits for adults with rheumatoid arthritis. The purpose was to examine the effectiveness of patient education interventions on health status (pain, functional disability, psychological well‐being and disease activity) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

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National private placement regime (NPPR)

The NPPR principally relates to the marketing of non-EEA AIFs and any AIFs managed by non-EEA AIFMs.   It can also relate to the marketing of feeder AIFs where the master funds manager is a non-EEA AIFM or the master fund is a non-EEA AIF. NPPR is available to the following managers: UK and EEA AIFMs marketing non-EEA AIF(s) (or feeder AIFs that are UK AIFs or EEA AIFs where the master fund is a managed by a non-EEA AIFM or is a non-EEA AIF) non-EEA AIFMs marketing AIF(s), whether UK, EEA or non-EEA AIF(s) How to market under NPPR To market under NPPR in the UK, an AIFM must meet a number of conditions before making a notification, as detailed in regulations 57, 58 and 59 of the UK Alternative Investment Fund Managers Regulations 2013 (the UK AIFM Regulations).

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Aids Education

NEWSKids join school mission By Cassandra A. Fortin|October 26, 2008 In separate book clubs, Angie Jones and Martha Banghart read the book Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace. . . One School at a Time. In the book, Greg Mortenson, co-writer with David Oliver Relin, gives a detailed account of his failed attempt to climb to the top of K2, the world's second-highest mountain. But then he succeeds in building schools in some of the most remote regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Jones and Banghart, who serve as choral directors in the county's public school system, were so touched by the book they were inspired to do something to help.

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