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Can You Get Over an Addiction?

James Gallagher I SHOT heroin and cocaine while attending Columbia in the 1980s, sometimes injecting many times a day and leaving scars that are still visible. I kept using, even after I was suspended from school, after I overdosed and even after I was arrested for dealing, despite knowing that this could reduce my chances of staying out of prison. My parents were devastated: They couldn’t understand what had happened to their “gifted” child who had always excelled academically. They kept hoping I would just somehow stop, even though every time I tried to quit, I relapsed within months.

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Big Data Research

Xiaolong Jin | Benjamin W. Wah | Xueqi Cheng | Yuanzhuo Wang © 2015 Elsevier Inc. In recent years, the rapid development of Internet, Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing have led to the explosive growth of data in almost every industry and business area. Big data has rapidly developed into a hot topic that attracts extensive attention from academia, industry, and governments around the world. In this position paper, we first briefly introduce the concept of big data, including its definition, features, and value. We then identify from different perspectives the significance and opportunities that big data brings to us.

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