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Exercise on Bengali Vowels and Consonants for practice

Hello, Kids. You have already learned the basic letters of Bengali Vowel and Consonant in the earlier resource. Now it is your turn to test your skill whether you are able to do that! Meaning, You have to do some exercise! See the description for details. Best of luck! :)

Kids, we have already learned the Bengali vowels. Remember the 12 "Swarabarna"-s among which the 8th vowel is not in use now a days! I know you do remember.

We have learned the Bengali Consonants also which we call "Byanjanbarna"-s in the language Bengali.

But if you really want to learn the language then I would like suggest to do the "EXERCISE" first then see how much do you score!In the Exercise(printable)you'll find some jumbled words which you have learned. Choose the correct word and match it with the pictures at the right side. Here you can color the

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pictures too! And don't forget to write the first letter or each word in the space provided that are properly matched with the pictures (i.e. below each picture).You are welcome to download and as many copies of these worksheets as you want and practice your skill to know - How far have you learned the new language!

Best of Luck! :)

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If you want to learn the Bengali language in an easy way then you are on the right place. In this resource you will find the Vowels in Bengali language. Follow the steps as shown using the arrows and then write on your own in the given space below each worksheets! You can even trace and write on them. To know more about the vowels, see the Description below.

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